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True wealth means achieving what’s most
Important to you

Through experienced, independent advice and a comprehensive planning approach, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals, families and entrepreneurs grow, protect and share their wealth with future generations.

Achieving wealth doesn’t begin with the investment of assets. It begins with the investment of time. Time to understand your entire financial situation, personal values, goals and vision for the future.

We’re an independent company, so you have access to a broad range of investment, deposit and insurance products. Together, we’ll simplify your financial decisions with a customized plan that will allow you to manage and preserve your wealth while creating a legacy that sustains your values.

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News & Updates

Making Your Money Last Your Lifetime

By R.A. (Bob) Challis, CFP, RHU, TEP, The Nakamun Group, Winnipeg

A major worry in life, especially during retirement, is the possibility of outliving your savings. Almost half of today’s 65-year-olds are projected to live well into their 90s. Some will have almost as many years retired as they worked. Read More…

Federal Budget 2014–2015 Review

By Garry Keiller, The Nakamun Group, Edmonton

In early February, the Minister of Finance tabled the 2014–2015 Federal Budget, which projects a balanced budget by 2015–2016 and a $6.4 billion surplus in fiscal 2015–2016. In 2017–2018, the Federal debt to GDP ratio is projected to fall to 27 percent, which is below the pre-recession level.

Budget 2014–2015 proposes to enhance fairness and neutrality of the tax system:

Read More…

Be Scam Savvy

By Floyd Murphy, CFP, CLU, CHFC, The Nakamun Group, Vancouver

Protect yourself against scams by being aware that these fraudulent activities occur more frequently than we’d like to think they do, listening to that small voice in your head warning you that something you’re being told is not quite right, and talking to a trusted advisor before you act, particularly if you’re asked to send money. Read More…

Nakamun ADVISOR Spring Edition

Read the full PDF version  Nakamun ADVISOR Spring 2013

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Top Rated Articles

YOUNG, HEALTHY, AND FIT? Now’s the time to invest in Critical Illness Insurance

By R.A. (Bob) Challis, CFP, RHU, TEP, The Nakamun Group, Winnipeg

Young, healthy, fit adults embarking on their life adventures are unlikely to consider that they might be one of the two Canadians alive today who will be diagnosed with heart disease, or one of the three who will have a stroke before age 65 or be stricken with life-threatening cancer. Yet, those are the statistical realities.  Read More…

“WHAT’S YOURS IS MINE…” The Financial Realities of Life Partnerships

By Floyd Murphy, CFP, CLU, CHFC, The Nakamun Group, Vancouver

Reality Number One: more than 40 percent of marriages end in divorce before couples reach their 50th anniversary. Regardless of how long a marriage or “common-law relationship” endures, at the end, there will be financial consequences. Read More…