By Garry Keiller, The Nakamun Group, Edmonton

Canada is one of the few countries with a triple-A debt rating. While our debt, unlike many nations’, is manageable, the priority of the 2013 Federal Budget is to eliminate the federal deficit by 2015/2016. Spending growth will increase by only 0.9 percent in 2013, the lowest rate of spending growth in 20 years.

Grants, taxes, and exemptions seem to be the order of the day with the following highlights likely to affect some of out clients. 

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YOUNG, HEALTHY, AND FIT? Now’s the time to invest in Critical Illness Insurance

By R.A. (Bob) Challis, CFP, RHU, TEP, The Nakamun Group, Winnipeg

Young, healthy, fit adults embarking on their life adventures are unlikely to consider that they might be one of the two Canadians alive today who will be diagnosed with heart disease, or one of the three who will have a stroke before age 65 or be stricken with life-threatening cancer. Yet, those are the statistical realities.  Read More…

“WHAT’S YOURS IS MINE…” The Financial Realities of Life Partnerships

By Floyd Murphy, CFP, CLU, CHFC, The Nakamun Group, Vancouver

Reality Number One: more than 40 percent of marriages end in divorce before couples reach their 50th anniversary. Regardless of how long a marriage or “common-law relationship” endures, at the end, there will be financial consequences. Read More…


By Garry Keiller, The Nakamun Group, Edmonton

Ensure you have all your receipts and information slips before filing your 2013 tax return. If no substantial changes in your situation – such as changes in your investment portfolio – have occurred in 2013, you might refer to your 2012 tax return to identify the tax reporting slips you should be receiving. In addition, any tax refund interest from 2012, which must be declared on your 2013 tax return, will be noted on your notice of assessment.

The following are the tax information slips that you are most likely to receive:   Read More…


By Greg Farries, BSC, The Nakamun Group, Calgary

2013 will be remembered as a year of enthusiasm for global equity markets. Meanwhile, the Canadian equity market lagged behind the markets of most other developed economies, primarily because of continued weakness in the material sector.

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The Nakamun Group Celebrates 40th Anniversary

By Floyd Murphy, CFP, CLU, CHFC, The Nakamun Group, Vancouver

 The original six individuals who formed The Nakamun Group had their inaugural meeting in the fall of 1973 at the cabin of one of the partners, located at Nakamun Lake, north of Edmonton. Hence, the name, The Nakamun Group. The group, which is one of the longest established organizations of its kind in Canada, has grown and evolved during the past 40 years to meet the financial needs of our clients. There are now five Nakamun partner companies in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. Read More…