The Challenges of Estate Planning part 2

In the last issue of Nakamun Advisor, we looked at some basic estate planning tools that ensure your wishes are fulfilled after your death or incapacity. In this issue, we look at basic steps you can take to ensure your intentions and expectations are properly documented by your professional advisors and implemented by your representative(s). Read More…

Added, Improved, or Changed by the Budget

The June 6th, 2011  Federal Budget proposed a number of additions, improvements, and changes to existing legislation. The following are some of the items that might apply to you or a family member. Read More…

Without a Debt

Bob and Ryan Challis are frequent contributors to The Winnipeg Free Press ‘Money Makeovers’ column. In this article, Bob offers his practical, straight forward advice to a couple trying to determine when they will be able to retire debt free. To read the article click here…Without a Debt

Not sure your retirement objectives are on track? For a personalized ‘Retirement Readiness’ assessment, click here to contact us.

Understand Your Out-of-country Emergency Medical Coverage

Enough has been said about making sure you have adequate out-of-country emergency medical coverage before you step foot outside Canada. Equally important is understanding the coverage you have, so that if you are faced with a medical emergency while outside the country, you know what to do and what to expect. Read More…

Canadian Investors Thinking Outside Canada

In a global context, Canada’s currency and economy are relatively strong. Consequently, Canadian investors are looking beyond our borders for investment opportunities. Real estate in the United States, particularly the warm, sunny ones where prices have dropped to a fraction of what they were five or six years ago, has become irresistible to a surprising number of Canadians. The comparatively higher prices of real estate in the most desirable places in Canada have added to the appeal. Read More…

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