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Foiling Scammers

By Garry Keiller, The Nakamun Group, Edmonton

With criminals becoming more and more sophisticated in their scamming methods, you might be comforted to know that your Nakamun Advisor stands between the savings we manage on your behalf and any unauthorized person trying to access these accounts. Read More…

Segregated Funds Can Simplify Estate Planning

By R.A. (Bob) Challis, CFP, RHU, TEP, The Nakamun Group, Winnipeg

Segregated fund (seg fund) investments are similar to mutual funds, but also have significant differences that make them effective in estate planning for some people, especially those with complex estate issues. Read More…


By Garry Keiller, The Nakamun Group, Edmonton

Canada is one of the few countries with a triple-A debt rating. While our debt, unlike many nations’, is manageable, the priority of the 2013 Federal Budget is to eliminate the federal deficit by 2015/2016. Spending growth will increase by only 0.9 percent in 2013, the lowest rate of spending growth in 20 years.

Grants, taxes, and exemptions seem to be the order of the day with the following highlights likely to affect some of out clients.

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2012 Year End Market Commentary

By Greg Farries, BSC, The Nakamun Group, Calgary

Looking back at 2012, investors around the world remained extremely cautious. Headlines continued to be dominated by the European debt crisis, the US’s inability to address its own debt issues, and China’s slowing growth. In the US, housing prices and unemployment continued to be problems.

The negative headlines on top of vivid memories of the effects of the 2008/2009 financial crisis were justifiable reasons for concern. Read More…


By Floyd Murphy, CFP, CLU, CHFC, The Nakamun Group, Vancouver

Whether you have accepted in advance or discover after an individual passes away that you have been named an executor, you can choose to decline. Just some of the reasons you might not want to serve as executor include: Read More…

Cash Value Life Insurance – an Investment to Consider

By R.A. (Bob) Challis, CFP, RHU, TEP, The Nakamun Group, Winnipeg

Life insurance is like no other financial instrument in its ability to create portfolio equilibrium while delivering guaranteed results. A comprehensive financial plan is incomplete without considering this unique asset class.

Our current financial environment is fraught with low guaranteed fixed interest rates, unproven and often complicated new financial products, as well as volatile equity and real estate markets. Prudent investors, well versed in the benefits of portfolio diversification, and their advisors, are once again looking at the unique features of cash value life insurance. Prior to the 1980s, almost 90 percent of life insurance contracts purchased were whole life/cash value. The same guarantees that appealed to investors then are 
creating a surge of interest once again. Read More…

2011 Year-End Market Commentary

By Greg Farries, BSC, The Nakamun Group, Calgary

In 2011, the news that clearly dominated the world’s markets were the macro-economic issues surrounding the European sovereign debt crises and the lack of resolve for US policymakers to develop a plan for reducing the US budget deficit. Read More…

Canadian Investors Thinking Outside Canada

In a global context, Canada’s currency and economy are relatively strong. Consequently, Canadian investors are looking beyond our borders for investment opportunities. Real estate in the United States, particularly the warm, sunny ones where prices have dropped to a fraction of what they were five or six years ago, has become irresistible to a surprising number of Canadians. The comparatively higher prices of real estate in the most desirable places in Canada have added to the appeal. Read More…

The Challenges of Estate Planning

Estate planning is an essential component of a comprehensive financial plan, and one that too often receives the least attention, and yet, in the end, can nullify the good results and intentions of all else. Read More…

Beware of “Donate Low/Deduct High” Charitable Donation Schemes

Charitable organizations depend on donations to fund their activities and efforts, and often, the most generous donors are influenced by tax benefits. They would rather their dollars be donated to registered charities as opposed to being payable as taxes. The result is a win-win all around, except perhaps for the tax department. Read More…