Retirement Planning

What will your life look like after retirement?

With people living longer and more actively, retirement planning is about more than just saving money and positioning assets to provide income at age 65. One must consider health care, housing, estate planning and lifestyle issues in order to create a comprehensive plan that will have you living the life you’re hoping for in later years.

Don’t Dream of Retirement, Plan for Retirement

Our “Retirement Readiness Assessment” will help  turn your Retirement Dreams into Retirement Reality. It will  answer the questions:

  • How much do I have to save?
  • How do I know if I’m on track?
  • When will I be able to retire?
  • What sort of income can I expect?
  • Will I outlive my capital?
  • Are there any guarantees?

Your personalized Retirement Readiness Assessment includes:

  • A  1.5  hour meeting to identify your current situation, goals, objectives and time frames for retirement
  • A 1.5  hour meeting  to discuss your results and provide advice on how to capitalize on opportunities or mitigate risks or shortfalls.
  • A personalized written report

Fee : $950.00 – $3,500 plus GST – pricing variable based on the complexity of your financial situation. Complimentary service for clients with invest-able assets of $250,000.

For more information or  to book your appointment contact us .

Click here to view a sample retirement plan.